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Rule & Reign’s group of powerhouse formulas are clinically proven to address common and advanced skincare concerns that you face the most. This premium line up is designed to promote healthy skin, target excess oils and toxins, and reduce the signs of aging to help you look your absolute best- no matter how rough last night may have been!

What our customers say

Expertly crafted cleanser for all skin types

The Hyaluronic Gel Cleanser is specially formulated to deeply cleanse & gently exfoliate the skin by removing dirt, impurities and excess oil production. Hyaluronic acid works to create a balance by retaining the skin’s natural moisture levels, without stripping the protective barrier. A gentle yet effective cleansing experience for clean skin.



Penetrate deep into your problem areas

The Anti-aging Cell Serum is a powerful treatment to reverse signs of aging. It is carefully curated with a blend of powerhouse antioxidants and natural, concentrated skin-enriching extracts. The formulation works to treat skin problems by aiding antioxidant protection, nourishment and collagen stimulation.

No parabens. Cruelty free. Vegan.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are these products effective on oily skin?

    Our potent and powerful formulas are effective on all skin types, and work exceptionally well against excess oil (sebum) build up on the top layer of skin as well as deep into pores where blackheads and pimples can form if left untreated.

  • Where’s the exfoliant?

    The truth is, those “gritty” exfoliators can actually put microtears in your skin that can cause dark scars overtime with use. Hyaluronic Gel Cleanser contains citric acid, a known Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid (AHA) that works as a chemical exfoliant to help reduce signs of aging such as dark spots, fine line, and wrinkles. This powerful ingredient also helps to stimulate collagen production, vital to keep skin firm and elastic.

  • How long until I see results?

    While everyone’s results may vary, typically within the first two weeks of using our Premium 3-piece set on a daily basis, you will start to see results. However, you will “feel” the difference in your skin after the first use.

  • Any harmful ingredients to look out for?

    We pride ourselves for creating safe, natural, and effective Men’s skincare. We are Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-free, and don’t include parabens as many drugstore skincare brands have on their labels. Many of our effective ingredients are actually plant extracts clinically proven to aid in evening skin tone and complexion.

  • Will the moisturizer make me sweat?

    The Advanced Amino Acid Repair Cream was specially designed to combat this common issue in men’s skincare routines. This plant extract and amino acid based formula goes on light to avoid clogging pores and let’s the skin “breathe” once absorbed and heavily moisturizes the skin. We literally tested this on guys that normally sweat with moisturizers…100% satisfaction rate.

  • What about sensitive skin…is this product right for me?

    Guys can have sensitive skin, and we’ve thought about that in the formulation of these premium products. We chose plant extracts and included a certain percentage of each to balance the need of an effective formula, while addressing sensitive skin concerns of irritation, redness, and scarring. Our products are guaranteed to be safe on your face and deliver the same skin clearing benefits.

  • What can this do for my acne?

    Our Anti-Aging Cell Serum contains the tried and true salicylic acid to fight acne, along with 3 key amino acids to promote collagen production and skin repair; a recipe for treatment, results, and skin recovery all-in-one.

  • So I can’t just use bar soap?

    Don’t even joke…. Soap often has high ph levels of acidity and can heavily dry your skin. The problem with this routine is that you are robbing your skin of the moisture content it needs to remain looking healthy. Each of our products contain hyaluronic acid, a powerhouse ingredient proven to promote moisture retention and complement our other skin regenerative infusions.

  • How long does the 3-piece set last?

    Our Premium Crown Collection can last 30-60 days depending on your own personal use. Remember, a little does go a long way, but a subscription will yield a discount!